The fourth industrial revolution is a fundamental shift in the way that technology, communications, data, and analytics impact almost all aspects of society and the economy.   This era presents South Africa with significant and interrelated opportunities; improved access to better services, provided more efficiently across socio-economic and geographic barriers; increasing transparency, trust and social cohesion through direct communication.  But also a host of risks to effectively manage unequal access to benefits, infrastructure access and training required.  Employment displacement as automation and new business models increase need for education and training.  The government has a critical role to play in securing and enhancing the human capital and technological assets required to harness the power of the fourth industrial revolution.  In order to realise the full potential of this moment in history we need multiple stakeholders to work in a coordinated way towards a shared vision in terms of financial investment and target outcomes


The 4th Industrial Revolution is also driven by a number of technological innovations, which include Robotics, 3D Printing, Nanotechnology, Virtual Reality, Internet, Machine Learning, Industrial Internet, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Cyber-security among others.  This technologically driven disruption calls for the world and South Africa to radically transform its skills offering so as to deliver 21st Century Skills for Employability and Entrepreneurship.  Digititan is therefore taking advantage of this technological moment to drive human transformation in Africa for the betterment of all individuals.


South Africa needs to build a digital workforce centred on ICT Skills in order to solve its triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality.  With an expected half a billion Internet users in Africa by 2020, there are huge opportunities for African businesses and young digital entrepreneurs. If young people have the right skills, they can build businesses, create jobs and boost economic growth across the continent. Digititan (Pty) Ltd, working with many Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies such as IBM, Google, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft and Accenture aim to equip over the next five years more than a million young people (18-35) with digital skills and tools to help them build an online presence, create content, understand web design and user experience, social media, applications development and programming.




4th Industrial Revolution Skills Programme

The 4th Industrial Revolution Skills Programme is a flagship project of Digititan (PTY) LTD aimed at assisting the youth to acquire 21st Century Digital Skills.  The delivery of the programme will be realised through the vfunda EdTech mobile application platform where young people will register their information, complete personality profiles, carry out web based online learning and be linked to potential employers.  Digititan is working with partner organisations to ensure a seamless actualisation process. 


SMME Incubation

Digititan is also launching an incubator project for entrepreneurs wanting to use technology for the betterment of African communities.  Through this project we intend to create a new version of capitalism where community advancement precede personal enrichment.



A new field of e-sports is emerging where young people participate in this online sport and compete with people from across the globe.  Digititan is introducing this project to create opportunities for young people wanting to be professional gamers.


Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence

Digititan is launching a Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence for the training of African youth to excel in the field.  The fourth industrial revolution is creating a huge opportunity for young people wanting to specialise in the cybersecurity field.


Unemployed Graduate Initiative

Digititan is introducing free Information Technology training for unemployed graduates in order to prepare them for the Digital age.  This programme is being rolled out across the country.